The supply chain is moving towards digital intelligence

The digital economy is better serving the development of the real economy and reshaping the industrial process. This year's "Double 11" is the most diversified of Tmall participating merchants, with 290,000 brands, millions of small and medium-sized businesses, and anchors signing up to participate. Among them, many small and medium-sized businesses have entered the "million club" and "ten million club", and the overall turnover of many industrial belts such as Yangjiang bedroom furniture, Jinan whole house intelligence, and Shandong children's furniture has achieved a year-on-year triple-digit growth, and these industrial belts are also the areas with the highest concentration of small and medium-sized businesses.

During this year's Kuaishou "116 Shopping Festival", more and more merchants in industrial belts participated in the promotion activities, and users' consumption enthusiasm was directly reflected in the platform's rapidly growing turnover. This is less than one year after Kuaishou E-commerce announced that it will develop industrial belts and fast brands, and support more industrial belt merchants and emerging brands relying on industrial belts. Today, the industrial belts of Nantong, Changshu and other places in Jiangsu have achieved long-term development.